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Illustrated Book "Level 0 - Veit Mette"

“Level 0” is the common term for the ground floor of Bielefeld University. Level zero provides a central meeting point, access to several lecture halls, a row of shops, gastronomy, benches, a post office. Level 0 is the central communication forum of Bielefeld University. Veit Mette, a Bielefeld University alumni, with an incorruptible eye has captured scenes of everyday life at university at level 0 that are everything but ordinary in the course of several rambles. His black-and-white motives portray university life in an artistic as well as authentic way. Nothing has been staged, nothing has been altered. Nevertheless, the scenery is mostly dominated by single figures with nearly statuesque qualities. They are the centre of the photographer’s attention.

All in all, Veit Mette, on behalf of the University, photographed everyday life of university members in several days- long photo-rambles. Sixteen wall-sized pictures of the series are hanging as a permanent exhibition in the central hall of the University. “Level 0” provides some insight into the place where the renowned photographer studied art education.

Eds Ulrike Davy and Heike Piehler, Bielefeld University. Text by Thomas Kellein. German / English, Translations Cathrine Stones. Kerber Photoart, Bielefeld 2007. Illustrated volume 22 × 30 cm, 88 pages, ISBN 978-3-86678-108-5, EUR 19,-.