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Cultural Seminars for Students of all Faculties

Bielefeld University provides seminars, lectures and excursions that are open to students of all faculties. Provided that there is some free space, students of the “Studieren ab 50” [Studying from 50] and “Frauenstudien” [Women’s Studies] programme can attend these classes as well. Registration for the specific classes takes place via the electronic course catalogue (ekVV).

Degree Programmes for Arts and Culture

With the degree programme Literary Studies (Bachelor and Master) the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies offers a great variety of seminars and lectures on literature.

Additionally, the interdisciplinary Bachelor degree programmes “Romance Cultures: Language, Culture and History” and “Latin: Roman Literature, Culture and Society in European Context” can be attended at Bielefeld University.  There also is a Master’s programme in Latin (teaching degree).

The Master’s programme “Inter-American Studies” is also originates from the faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies. It is concerned with transnational, intercultural and global issues in a social, cultural and political context.

A further Master’s programme involving multiple faculties Bielefeld University provides is the Interdisciplinary Media Studies programme. The faculty of Technology is involved as well as the faculties of Linguistics and Literary Studies, Sociology and Educational Sciences. The Bachelor programme Art and Music offers artistic and musical classes.

Bielefeld University has no degree programmes for Cultural Studies or Cultural Administration.