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Business Start Ups

Alongside a classic career in higher education, administration, or industry, setting up one's own business is a further way for young academics to profit from acquired skills and scientific findings. Ideas for business start ups can originate from any of the knowledge and technology domains of the university.

If you are a young academic or a university staff member and you want to commercially exploit your own scientific knowledge and research findings, your direct contact partner is the Zentrum für Unternehmensgründung – ZUg . Here you will receive practice-oriented services that will help you transform your business idea into practice.

For example, the ZUg offers confidential and individual advice on how to get a clearer notion of your own business idea and to develop it further. These targeted individual sessions are flanked and extended by qualification workshops on all aspects of setting up a business.

Young academics interested in setting up a business can receive direct government support in the form of EXIST-business start up or the EXIST-research transfer grants. Both are awarded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology – the first for technology and knowledge-based innovative ventures and the second for innovative services with a high customer utility.

The ZUg will be pleased to help you apply for an EXIST grant.

You have a business idea?
Perhaps it is still vague, or is it already quite specific?
Then make an appointment with us!

Dr. rer. nat. Daniela Rassau
Office: A4-122
Phone. 0521 106-3950
E-Mail daniela.rassau@uni-bielefeld.de

Anja Ebner M.A.
Office: A4-126
Phone: 0521 106-3966
E-Mail anja.ebner@uni-bielefeld.de


Service Center for Young Researchers
Dr. Alexandra Wiebke
Dr. Laura Dittmar
Dr. Linda Groß

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Mondays 10 - 11 a.m.
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