Qualification Program

+Funding opportunities for young researchers

This regular information session is aimed at doctoral candidates nearing the completion of their degree and postdocs up to four years after graduating who are interested in the different funding models and funding programmes available to those in the "early" postdoc phase. This session provides an overview of strategic career questions, common national and EU funding programmes as well as funding opportunities at Bielefeld University. For international young scientists there is an additional information session with an introduction to the German higher education system.

For current information please visit the events pages of the Service Center for Young Researchers.

+ Information Session
     "Doctoral Degree - what comes next?"

This information session is aimed at doctoral candidates and postdocs and takes place once a year. Through a variety of different formats, it explores the question of what comes next after a doctorate. Representatives from both within the university system and in other professional fields report on their experiences and discuss important aspects of individual career planning after the doctoral phase.

For current information please visit the events pages of the Service Center for Young Researchers.

+Workshops on writing in English

The workshop "Writing in English" is run by the Writing Centre and offers doctoral candidates and postdocs support and opportunities to get feedback on writing and preparing academic texts for publication in English. Due to the large variety of publication and text cultures in the disciplines there is one workshop held annually for researchers in the humanities, cultural sciences and social sciences and another workshop for researchers in the natural sciences, life sciences and technical sciences.

For current information please visit the events pages of the Service Center for Young Researchers.

+Further training in higher education teaching

The University Didactics & Teaching Development team of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) offers a range of training programmes as well as individual advice sessions for teachers. The Bielefeld Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education is a professional training opportunity aimed at research staff who teach at Bielefeld University.

The Writing Centre also runs the training programme "Research-Write-Teach" for doctoral candidates and postdocs, which focuses on teaching academic writing.

+ Staff development for researchers and teachers (PEP)

On the PEP webpages you can find a wide range of training opportunities for academics in the fields of research, teaching and e-learning, management and teamwork, careers, internationalisation and languages as well as equal opportunities and diversity. The courses, which develop professional and academic competences, are open to all researchers and teachers at Bielefeld University.

Simply follow the link for a list of current workshops, seminars and events on offer at PEP.


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