Child Care

Good and reliable childcare is crucial for successfully coordinating research, studies, a career, and a family.

The Family Service is there to provide you with information and assistance in finding the right childcare solutions for you:

  • Day-care centres at Bielefeld University
  • Reserved places in other centres caring for the children of university staff
  • Bielefeld city day-care centres
  • Organizing day-care places for the children of visiting scientists
  • Day-care (and financing)
  • Care during school holidays
  • Contacts for babysitting

To obtain more information on childcare, the Family Service's advice and counselling facilities, and who to get in touch with, click here.

Mrs. Ulrike Piplies
Office: L3- 119
Phone: (0521) 106 4208


19. October 2017
The NachwuchsNewsletter 06/2017 is available for download here.