Personal Publications List

"PUB - Publikationen an der Universität Bielefeld" is a system enabling academics to set up, service, and present their personal publication lists in the Internet. It is easy to use, can be accessed any place any time, and permits entries by hand as well as imports from literature administration programmes. In detail, it offers:

  • Discipline-specific publication types for a flexible proof of publications
  • Regular updating of publication lists with data from the "ISI Web of Knowledge"
  • Automatic integration of the personal publication list
  • Flexibility for personal applications, for example, individual homepages, funding applications, or CVs
  • Active support service from the University library team

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If you have any questions, please contact
Publishing services support
Mrs. Susanne Riedel
Phone: 0521/106-4058


19. October 2017
The NachwuchsNewsletter 05/2017 is out and available for download here.