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Doing Your Doctorate in Bielefeld

Bielefeld University is home to many international doctoral students who are working, teaching, and carrying out research in the various institutes and faculties. Are you thinking about doing your doctorate at Bielefeld University?

Basically, you can gain a doctorate in any of the faculties and disciplines represented at the university. However, there are two different ways of doing this: either within the structured programme of a Research Training Group or a Graduate School or within the framework of an "individual" doctorate.

Research Training Groups and Graduate Schools are institutes at Bielefeld University offering doctoral courses within a coordinated, interdisciplinary research programme. Intensive supervision and the exchange of information with colleagues are important elements of the programme. Click here for a list of Research Training Groups and Graduate Schools at Bielefeld University.

To apply for a structured programme, get in touch with the contact person named here.

If you wish to do an independent doctorate, you will have to browse the homepages of the faculties by yourself in order to find professors who might be interested in supervising your doctorate. Then contact the professors you have chosen and tell them about your doctorate plans. Send them an outline of your doctorate, your CV, and your academic background. You should also let them know in which language you wish to write your thesis and how you intend to finance your stay in Bielefeld, for example, with a scholarship from your home country or a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Service Center for Young Researchers
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