Important Telephone numbers

   Area code University: +49 521-106-...

Services Telephone Numbers
Emergency number in the case of fire (internal University service) 112
Emergency number in the case of accidents involving personal injury (internal University service) 112
External emergency services: emergency doctor, ambulance 0-112
External emergency services: fire 0-112
External emergency services: police 0-110
Fire brigade ambulance service (external) 0-512301
First Aid
room: University main building (UHG) C 01-227
Fax: 6444
Occupational Health and Safety Service
University Medical Service (in German) C 01-227
Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection Service 3342
Central Control Room - Breakdowns (in building services) 7777
via mobile phone:
0521-106 5972/3
Telefon Maintenance services (internal University service) 6000
Switchboard (internal University service) during working hours 111
Help desk (internal University service) during working hours 118
Lost and Found,
University Main Building (UHG) U 0-105
Caretaker,University Main Building (UHG) U 0-101 3010
Caretaker, sections A,Z,F 2221, 2223
Caretaker, Centre of Interdisciplinary Research (ZIF) 2324, 2748
Caretaker, sections L,O,K 2845
Security Service, University Main Building (UHG)
Safety Escort Service
Gülich Gruppe