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Personnel development for researchers and teachers (PEP)

Dear Researchers and Teachers,

on the following pages, you can find out about the personnel development services for researchers and teachers along with all the further training and counselling services available to you at Bielefeld University. Simply click on the following links:

->Personnel development services
->These services are available to all researchers and teachers
  • Professors (newly appointed)
  • Junior professors
  • Academic staff
  • Research associates (Akademische Räte und Rätinnen)
  • Teachers for special tasks (Lehrkräfte für besonderen Aufgaben)
  • Other teaching staff
  • Members of the science management team (Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter im Wissenschaftsmanagement)
  • Young academics: Postdocs, doctoral students
  • International academics
->Personnel development services for researchers and teachers aim to develop competencies in
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Management and
  • Career development

both within and outside of higher education.