Coaching and supervision for researchers and teachers

"It doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing; what counts is how you set the sails"

Bielefeld University offers coaching and supervision as a professional support for its researchers and teachers. Services are divided into

Bielefeld University covers the costs of these services

What is coaching and supervision?

The terms coaching and supervision are used synonymously to describe a process-oriented, goal-directed, and temporally limited mentoring designed to strengthen action competence through self-reflection and self-competence. The focus is on discussing issues together – it is not a schooling or training. Coaching and supervision are performed on the basis of confidentiality, transparency, and voluntariness.

You can use coaching or supervision individually, as a group, or as an organizational unit. Individual, group, and organization coaching or supervision all have the same counselling format.

  • to secure and improve the quality of professional work
  • to develop human resources and organizations

The service is provided by the university’s own consultant for professional and managerial staff, Ulf Krise, as well as external coaches and supervisors. Interested parties can choose their own coach or supervisor.