Facts and Figures

Bielefeld University 2017
116 Subjects
24,875 Regular Students (winter semester 2017/18)
1,969 International Students (among the regular students in winter semester 2017/18)
1,322 Enrolled Occasional Students (winter semester 2017/18)
42 Participants in Study scheme for the over-15s Studieren ab 15 (winter semester 2017/18)
3,173 Graduations (academic year 2016)
203 Doctorates (2016)
15 Post-doctoral Habilitations (2016)
283 Professors (including junior professors)
1,501 Academic Staff
1,199 Administrative and Technical Staff
2 Institutions funded by the German Excellence Initiative (CITEC and BGHS)
2 Collaborative Research Centre (SFB)
2 Participations in external Collaborative Research Centres
2 Research Unit (DFG-Forschergruppen)
2 Participations in external Research Units
2 Priority Programms (DFG-Schwerpunktprogramme)
1 Leading-Edge Cluster (BMBF-Spitzencluster)
2 Joint federal and state-government programme (Bund-/Länderprogramme)
1 Focus of research funded by the federal state of North Rine-Westfalia
2 International Research Training Groups (Internationales Graduiertenkolleg der DFG)
1 National Research Training Group (Nationales Graduiertenkolleg der DFG)
2 Participation in National Research Training Groups
3 Graduate Programms funded by the federal state of North Rine-Westfalia
6 Graduate Schools
169.8 Mio. Euros total budget
60.5 Mio. Euros additional public funds
60.4 Mio. Euros third-party funds income
11.3 Mio. Euros other revenues and interest
183.2 Main floor space in square metres (projection 2017, including external users)


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Sources: Number of regular students from "Time series of students and first-year students 2017/18"; all other data: Statistical Yearbook 2017