Our mission statement

We open up and broaden horizons
Our researchers transcend borders - between disciplines, between people and between science and society. The principle of ?Transcending Boundaries? is the driving force behind top-level basic research at an international level.

We inspire students
Our innovative study model gives our students the opportunity to discover their potential and realise their individual talents. Students at Bielefeld University are willing to take on social responsibility over and beyond their course of studies.

We promote talented researchers
Bielefeld University is the springboard for successful professional and personal biographies. We discover and support outstanding researchers, appoint them to their first professorship and offer them long-term perspectives.

We successfully implement gender mainstreaming.
We create excellent structures for the further development of a gender-equitable research and university culture. We are working towards this goal with the greatest commitment.

We create space for bold ideas.
We encourage people to think outside of the box, to leave the beaten path and to ask provocative questions. Our interdisciplinary approach provides an ideal basis for this.

As a 'reform' university, we develop new ideas.
As we keep questioning ourselves, we continue to develop as a learning organisation. We take on societal challenges and get involved.

We see ourselves as a University without prejudice.
Intercultural openness, equal opportunities and mutual respect determine our working environment. We cultivate respectful communication and a constructive conflict culture, even when this is uncomfortable.

Bielefeld University

As a university internationally regarded for its top-level research and innovative teaching concepts, Bielefeld University makes a significant contribution to a progressive and participatory knowledge society. It is an attractive, family-friendly place to work and study and is characterized by an open communication culture, lived interdisciplinarity, diversity and freedom for personal development.

Bielefeld University was founded in 1969 with an explicit research assignment and a mission to provide high-quality research-oriented teaching. With more than 25,000 students, the University encompasses 13 faculties, covering a broad range of disciplines in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technology. In addition, a medical faculty is being established - a decisive step for Bielefeld University on its way becoming a 'Volluniversität' (full university) that offers a comprehensive range of disciplines.

The Bielefeld approach- Transcending Boundaries

This title describes the successful Bielefeld approach with its targeted strengthening of innovative top-level research: applying multiperspective methods and solving problems by transcending boundaries between disciplines, between scientific cultures, between research and teaching, and between science and society. Such processes enable us to not only identify potentials through a culture of openness but also move quickly to promote them.