richtig einsteigen. with the writing competencies

      „There are a lot of things
      that you don't understand,
      until you try to write them down.
      There are a lot of things
      that you believe you have understood
      until you try to write them down."

      (Otto Kruse, a professor of psychology)


When students have to write continually throughout their studies with both supervision and (peer) feedback, they profit in twofold ways: subject-wise, through a more intensive processing of the content of their studies; and personally, through the acquisition of reading and writing competencies.

The LitKom-Projekt [literary competence project] develops and applies teaching concepts that involve an intensive use of writing during the first year of studies. It is modelled on universities in the United States that have confirmed how greatly this approach contributes to successful studies.

Members of the LitKom team are implementing this project in ten faculties and departments. They are:

  • Developing lesson concepts together with academic colleagues
  • Carrying out their own courses and testing materials and exercises
  • Providing students with materials and exercises
  • Organizing the exchange of information among teachers
  • Counselling students and teachers

Swantje Lahm
Coordinator „richtig einsteigen." for writing competencies
Further information

Writing in the subjetcs
Article H1 (pdf)
The project Litkom is anchored in the Writing Lab at the University of Bielefeld.