Peer Learning

Together students are strong! In a group, they can master challenges that few would be able to master alone. Students who regularly work in groups are not only personally better integrated but also achieve more in their studies.

In the Peer Learning Team, four staff and 25 tutors are working on projects and ideas to optimize study and learning conditions. At the same time, the team offers networking opportunities to students. Topics can range from setting up learning spaces with a friendly atmosphere, improving tutorials, or providing support in learning, presenting, and writing. In peer learning, everything revolves around the students.

Peer learning seeks to engage in a dialogue with students by providing daily opening hours. It cooperates with the university library, the faculties, and individual departments in implementing new ideas for students. Our team also advises teachers who want to train their tutors (or have them trained) or who are interested in integrating cooperative study activities into their teaching.

You can find out more about us on the Peer Learning Homepage.

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