"richtig einsteigen" – Programme to improve studying and teaching at Bielefeld University    

Funded as part of the Federal Government and Länder programme to improve study conditions and the quality of teaching (The Teaching Quality Pact)

Bielefeld University is not just strong in research. It also offers excellent conditions for studying and teaching. Its ‘richtig einsteigen’ programme is proving to be a great success. This is part of the Teaching Quality Pact ["Qualitätspakts Lehre"] of the Joint Science Conference (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz – GWK) set up by the Federal Government and the Länder. Over the next five years, the allocated funding will be used to focus particularly on the first year of studies because getting off to a good start is decisive for successful and rewarding studies throughout the following semesters. By working on the strategic further development of counselling, supervision, and teaching, more students should be enabled to embark on an academic degree programme that matches their personal needs and goals. This is being backed up with a scheme to systematically monitor study outcomes. Not only staff in the faculties and departments but also members of several university administrative units are actively involved in the various sub-projects.

The following contact person will be glad to answer questions on the programme "richtig einsteigen":

Dr. Meike Vogel, telephone:  xx49-(0)521-106-12725

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