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ESF – Bielefeld Conference Series on “Environmental Degradation, Conflict and Forced Migration” - Conference 2012

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The conference series on "Environmental Degradation, Conflict and Forced Migration" explores the causal relationship between environmental damage and forced migration as well as the correlation of both phenomena to conflicts and their repercussions. The series started in 2010 with three consecutive biennial conferences and is a partnership project of the European Science Foundation (ESF),  Bielefeld University and its Center for Interdisciplinary Research.

The first 2010 conference focused on how environmental change impacts the interplay between vulnerabilities on the one hand and capabilities on the other hand, and how this relationship affects mobility patterns. The 2012 conference, titled „Tracing Social Inequalities in Environmentally-Induced Migration“, concentratds on the societal backgrounds of this interplay and was meant to integrate a social inequalities perspective into current debates.

Not all actors are equally vulnerable to climate and environmental change and environmentally-induced migration. Therefore, social inequalities between world regions, countries, geographical regions, organizations, groups and categories of people involved in environmental and climate-induced migration constitute the core thematic focus. Differential susceptibilities and capabilities to cope with environmental change on local, national and global scales rather depend on resource inequalities, power inequalities and status inequalities. Differences in vulnerability result from and are reproduced by the unequal impacts actors have upon politics and society and the material and immaterial resources at their disposal.

The 2012 conference was meant to shed light on the role of social inequalities in environmentally-induced migration and the mechanism of its reproduction. It was carried out in cooperation with the special research area of the Bielefeld University “From Heterogeneities to Inequalities” (CRC 882), the research project „Exils Climatiques: Gérer les déplacements des populations dues aux phénomènes climatiques extrêmes” (GICC-EXCLIM) and the COST Action IS1101 on Migration and Climate Change. The organizers of the conference were J. Schade, T. Faist, C. Vlassopoulos, A. Baldwin. and F. Gemenne. The event took place from December 9 to 13, 2012 at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld.



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Conferece Report

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Allegra Roccato (ESF/organisational matters): AROCCATO@esf.org, or
Dr. Jeanette Schade (UniBi/matters of content): envimig-esf@uni-bielefeld.de


List of COMCAD working papers

Dmytro Vikhrov, Robert Stojanov, Barbora Duží, Jiří Jakubínský: Commuting patterns of Czech households exposed to flood risk
Working Paper 116/2013, COMCAD - Center on Migration, Citizenship and Development. Bielefeld.


Conference Proceedings

McLeman, R., J. Schade and T. Faist (eds.) (2016) Environmental Migration and Social Inequality; Advances in Global Change Research, Vol. 61; Dordrecht/Heidelberg/New York/London: Springer.


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