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At the Research Unit on Transnationalization, Development and Migration Research takes a decidedly transnational perspective, inspired by the growing and vibrant field of  Transnational Studies. Projects look into the genesis and reproduction of dense and durable sets of border-crossing transactions and the impacts on local, national and global processes in the fields of geographical migration, social mobility, social transformation and development. While much of research on migration, mobility and development focuses either on the OECD world on the one hand, or on regions in Asia, Africa and the Americas on the other hand, research takes a systematic look at the links between these disparate worlds; between "North" and "South", "East" and "West". A particular focus rests on issues of membership raised by transactions across borders of states, especially on citizenship. Recently, a new focus on the transnational social question, social inequalities and adaption strategies to climate change has been added.


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