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Religious Organizations and Immigrant Incorporation

Dr. Susanne Kröhnert-Othman, DFG Post-Doc Research Fellowship, March 2006 - February 2008

The project evaluates the complex interplay of membership in religious organizations and immigrant incorporation into the German host society. Point of departure of the research is the contemporary critique of deficient integration and self-exclusion of migrants and migrant communities that especially Muslim migrants are reproached of. Publicity of the topic however does not yet match knowledge on processes of religious community building and boundary making performed by religious organisations and their members. Field work using social anthropological research methods therefore will try to broaden the scope being conducted in two different religious communities - an "Arabic" Mosque and an "African" Pentecostal Church. Both communities represent new transnational religious movements and develop contexts of "universalism beyond ethnicity". Micro level processes of face-to-face negotiations about integration and recognition of religious-cultural diversity are perceived in a perspective of interdependency with the contemporary global symbolic order of power and boundary making. The aim of the project may therefore be described as twofold: to assess the constructive potential of migrant religious organisations and to point out new empirically grounded perspectives for institutionalising religious diversity in German society.


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