Grafik Fundamentalismus

The second wave of religious fundamentalism has been of increasing importance since the beginning of the 1980s with the emergence of the Religious Right in the United States, the Iranian revolution, and fundamentalist missions within the scope of civil wars in Latin America. This field of research began with this time period and has concentrated up to now on US-American and Latin American fundamentalism. Recently, the concentration has increasingly shifted to Islamic fundamentalism. In the past, our work was focused on the discursive construction of the claim to absoluteness. The current phase of the project aims at explaining religious fundamentalism within the framework of the Eisenstadtian theory of multiple modernities [JR7] and a theory of fundamentalism that allows, according to a strict formal criterion, the differentiation of fundamentalist from non-fundamentalist streams in social movements. This criterion has been introduced and tested in recent research and publications. With this, a more recent phase of research comparing Islamic and US-American fundamentalism has been concluded.

Researcher: Schäfer

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