Adolescents and Religion
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Streib, Heinz, und Gennerich, Carsten (2011). Jugend und Religion: Bestandsaufnahmen, Analysen und Fallstudien zur Religiosität Jugendlicher. Weinheim: Juventa.
Jugend und Religion - Cover


Adolescents and Religion

The religiosity of adolescents has become a solid research focus in our Research Center for Biographical Studies in Contemporary Religion:

A survey on “Youth & Religion” was on-line in Spring and Summer 2009. Results of the survey, in which more than 400 14-25 year old adolescents have participated, are included in the recent book by H. Streib and C. Gennerich: Jugend und Religion. Bestandsaufnahmen, Analysen und Fallstudien zur Religiosität Jugendlicher (see box on the right).

Specific projects in which students at Bielefeld University are or have been involved as researchers are:

  1. Concept of Death in Adolescents (completed 2009)
  2. Readiness of students mediation programs implemented in schools


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