Children’s Religious Drawings
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Streib, H. (2000). Gottesbilder fallen nicht vom Himmel.Kindliche Malprozesse als Gestaltung von Religion [pdf]

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Children’s Religious Drawings – Process of Development

Projects of empirical research which use children’s drawings to analyze the religious representations of children are not only rare, but unsatisfactory in their research design because they are based on drawings as final products only. The final products only scarcely yield inferences in the drawing process. Therefore it can be maintained that previous research did pay little attention to the child’s subjectivity and creativity. Also, in most research projects in the literature, a somewhat narrow developmental perspective is dominant, focusing on the contrast between the anthropomorphic vs. symbolic character of the God representation.

his is what motivated us to explore new ways which rest on the perspective on children as subjects of their own religious world and their religious development. Key questions therefore are: Which insights into the child’s subjective creative competencies in dealing with and expressing religious representations can be gained from an analysis of the process of drawing or painting religious contents.

A pilot project (1997-2000) started in 1997 and has been completed in 2000. The dissertation project of Manuela Wiedmaier has continued and further developed this line of research.

In a third wave, Patricia Meise will investigate, in her dissertation research, the religious drawings of children and adolescents using a longitudinal design. See children's drawings III.

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