Children’s Religious Drawings
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Streib, H. (2000). Gottesbilder fallen nicht vom Himmel.Kindliche Malprozesse als Gestaltung von Religion [pdf]

Streib, H. (1999). Kanalisierung des Heiligen oder Ermöglichung religiöser Subjektivität? - Kinderbilder als Gestaltung medial vermittelter Religion[pdf]

Children’s Religious Drawings in the Process of Development (Children’s Drawings I)

In the pilot project “Children’ Religious Drawing in the Process of Their Development” (1997-2000), we have analyzed, the drawing process of children on the basis of video recordings, when they are drawing a picture of God. Short interviews were conducted in order to supplement the documentation and assist interpretation.


The analyses of the paintings show the dynamics of a process: How do children elaborate their own religious representations? Which schemata do they take into consideration? With which intentions and interpretations do they integrate and modify these schemata? Which are the influences of conditions of religious socialization and milieu, and of media in particular, on the children’s visualizations of God? The research in the pilot phase of the project has documented the creative process in pre-schoolers, i.e. of girls and boys from 5 to 6 years of age drawing in company of two or three. In terms of faith orientations, the field of study extends across kindergartens administrated by the Protestant and the Catholic Church and by secular institutions.

Results are published in Streib 1999 [pdf]; 2000 [pdf].

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