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Axel Stockmeier, B.A.


Fields of Activity:
Teaching on church history, reconciliation theory, moraltheology, mediation

Research Interests:
Reconciliation, intercultural dialogue, communication, scientific theory, Christian Fundamentalism


Theology, philosophy and historical studies, University of Bielefeld/Kirchliche Hochschule Bethel (2002-2007)

Doctoral Studies in systematic theology (since 2007)

Membership in Academic Organizations:

Consensus e.V.

Research Project:

Project I: Reconciliation Theology

Since time immemorial, theological reconciliation theory has been concerned with the question of how mankind’s reconciliation with God stands in relation to mankind’s reconciliation with itself. This doctoral study approaches this question hermeneutically. On the one hand, it draws on the results of the research project on {Bosnian peacemakers}; on the other, it processes the experiences from {conflict mediation in schools}. Using these experiential results and in dialogue with the theological history of reconciliation theory, the currently relevant, systematic-theological issues will be drawn out and theologically processed. The goal of the study is to formulate the basic principles of a modern, experience-related, Christian reconciliation theory.

The research is taking place in cooperation with the Adolf-Reichwein-Hauptschule {HP}and CONSENSUS e.V. {HP}

Project II: Biblical Hermeneutics

The goal of the project is to evaluate, beginning with late antiquity, the central role of biblical interpretation in spiritual and social discussions up to the present. Using the lives and works of various theologians and philosophers, images of Biblical understanding marked by the respective Zeitgeist will be developed.

The project will also attempt to reach out in the form of tutorials to advanced students who are examining “hermeneutics” as a “scientific theory” of the humanities within the framework of their theological studies.

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