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Internet with Roxen CMS

How to use it

If you want to work with Roxen CMS, you have to go to the url and write an /edit/ between http://www.uni-bielefeld.de and the rest of the url. For instance:


Then you have to login.

1. Roxen Screen


2. "File > Create new directory..."

demo2.JPG   demo3.JPG

3. Create an "index.html"-file ("File > Create new file...")

demo4.JPG   demo5.JPG   demo6.JPG

4. edit the "index.html"-file ("Edit > edit contents")

demo7.JPG   demo8.JPG

5. File in original layout ("Save and View")


6. fill in the metadata ("Edit > edit metadata")

demo10.JPG   demo11.JPG

7. "View" the file with template

demo12.JPG   demo13.JPG

8. you have to commit the file ("Versions > commit")

demo14.JPG   demo15.JPG   demo16.JPG

Remark: If you delete a file you have to commit this too. In "Undelete View" you can "undelete" the file.

You have questions, please write an email to Markus Paulußen.