Press Release 132/2000

9. November 2000

Does the Analysis of Doctor-Patient Conversations Help with Therapy?

Which diagnostic and therapeutical conclusions can be drawn from the linguistic analysis of authentic doctor-patient conversations? This question will be the focus of the work conference ?Qualitative Linguistic Methods and Clinical Research? to be held from November 16 th to 18th  at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) of Bielefeld University. The conference will be jointly chaired by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Gülich, Faculty for Linguistic and Literature of Bielefeld University, and by Dr. med. Martin Schöndienst, assistant medical director of Bethel Epilepsy Center.

Representatives of various branches of linguistic analysis (conversation analysis, discourse analysis), experts from medical and therapeutical disciplines (epileptology, psychosomatics, pain research, psychotherapy) as well as scientists from philosophy and sociology are expected for an interdisciplinary exchange on this topic. Three select syndromes (epilepsies, dissociative disorders, chronic pain conditions) will serve to elaborate and discuss in an exemplary way how far linguistic analysis of conversations transcripts can be used to develop pinpoint psychotherapeutic approaches. This will open new perspectives for medical differential diagnostic and phychotherapeutic interventions, and for linguistic conversation research as well.

Within the frame of the work group?s conference, there will be an exhibition showing paintings of artists and lay persons suffering from epilepsy who have been coping with the experience of their conditions by painting and drawing. The vernissage will be Thursday, November 16th, at 8.00 pm at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF). An introduction to the exhibition, which will be open until December 14th, will be given by Daniela Giuccioli from Bethel Epilepsy Center and by Willy Kemper from the Künstlerhaus LYDDA.

Press and Information Office, 11-13-2000