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Center for Teaching
and Learning | ZLL

Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB)

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About ZSB

The Teams at the Centre SLK offer their expertise to all members of Bielefeld University who study, teach and are concerned with the future of teaching and study.

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 Lehren und Lernen

"Lehren und Lernen" (Centre for Teaching and Study) provides teaching staff the opportunity to learn about, try out, discuss or pass on new or established ideas in teaching.

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 Writing Centre

Writing may not be everything, but without it, studying, teaching and research are unthinkable. The writing centre is open to all for whom writing is integral to their study, research or teaching.

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 Peer Learning

The Peer Learning Team develops concepts for effective collaboration in study. Peer learning supports students and opens up new possibilities for teachers.

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The Student Advising and Counselling Service (ZSB) is the central, independent counselling service of Bielefeld University. It offers advice in all questions connected to studying.

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Junge Uni

The "Junge Uni" (Young University) is aimed at school pupils who wish to continue their education. It offers a wide variety of programmes and ideas.

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The eLearning and Media teams advise students and teachers on the possibilities that technology can offer and the best ways in which to implement it.

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 Career Service

The Career Service is the central port of call for all questions on career prospects. Students, doctoral candidates and teachers are all welcome.