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eLearning / Medien

The Use of eLearning Technologies

Welcome to the eLearning Team

The eLearning Team is concerned with digital technology and didactic methods and their use to support the organisation, application and assessment of teaching. The eLearning Team also assists students in making use of eLearning offers at Bielefeld University.

Our advice service includes a short introduction, individual coaching in the initial design phase as well as technical support if problems arise at any other time.

The Team also addresses the developments and innovations in eLearning and serves as a port of call for your possible future project ideas or current debates in eLearning.

An overview of our current services is available here on the Project Page.

What is eLearning?
The area of eLearning (electronic learning) encompasses many different multi media tools and methods that can enrich and support courses of study or even be used to create them. Depending on the form of eLearning arrangement, courses can either be supported by digital resources or take place entirely in the digital realm.