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eLearning / Medien

Student Advice Team for Technical Support

Do you need technical support for your lecture or seminar?
Would you like to try out new software?
Do you have a scenario for your seminar or lecture in mind
but are not sure how to implement it technically?

The student team TiL stands for Technik in der Lehre (technology in teaching).
We offer technical support on the application of digital media in teaching. We focus on providing support in the use of learning platforms, author tools and live surveys for seminar rooms and lecture theatres.

Apart from (personal) technical advice for teachers, we also provide online material on supported programs and equipment. In addition, we address the developments and innovations in eLearning and work on various project ideas.

Please follow the link to our online support::

Please contact us:

Technik in der Lehre Jan Felix Trettow Julia Katharina Saatkamp
Support Team eLearning/Media eLearning/Media
N6-115 N6-120 N6-120
0521 106-12063 0521 106-5209 0521 106-5180