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MathBench: Using interactive web-based modules to enhance quantitative skills in biology

Impulse: Katerina V. Thompson (University of Maryland)

25. Mai 2016, 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr s.t., UHG C2-136

Undergraduate biology curricula often fall short in providing students with the quantitative and interdisciplinary problem-solving skills they need to gain a deep understanding of biological phenomena and contribute fully to future scientific inquiry.
MathBench Biology Modules were designed to address these needs through a series of interactive, web-based modules that can be used to supplement existing content in a variety of courses in the biological and environmental sciences.
These online, freely available modules use humor, every day situations, and interactive elements to engage students. They build upon the students´ intuitive understanding to help them explore biological concepts using fairly sophisticated mathematical approaches. The modules and associated instructional resources are being shared with interested instructors worldwide for use in their courses. This presentation will provide an overview of the MathBench resources, how it has been implemented at US universities, and its impact on student attitudes and quantitative skills.