Overview of third-party funded research
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Overview of Third-Party Funded Research at Bielefeld University

The variety of third party funded research at Bielefeld University presents itself in a large number of individual projects, mainly funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft as well as numerous research foundations. The importance is documented by an up to date share of 21% of the total volume of third-party funds. In addition to these individual research projects are joint research projects, carried out in alliances, networks and cooperation with further scientific partners - nationally and internationally.

  • "Function and mechanism of olfactory kin recognition in an avian model system",
    Dr. Barbara Caspers


  • Animal Behaviour, Prof. Dr. Oliver Krüger

  • ERC Advanced Grant: Nanosized porous molecular metal oxides with functionalizable cavities and soft matter behaviour allow studies of new
    phenomena; Nanooxides

  • Adaptive Modular Architecture for Rich Motor Skills; AmarSi

  • Education as Welfare - Enhancing opportunities for socially vulnerable youth in Europe; EduWel

  • Embodied Motion Intelligence for Cognitive Autonomous Robots; EMICAB

  • Multilingual Ontologies for Networked Knowledge; MONNET

  • Products from methanol by synthetic cell factories; PROMYSE

  • ROBOTics for Development Of Cognition; Robotdoc

  • The Hand Embodied; THE

  • The Americas as Space of Entanglement(s)

  • Health of babies and children in Bielefeld (BaBi)

  • From Extreme Matter to Financial Markets
  • Interactive Intelligent Systems (IIS-TN)