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Zentrum für Studium,
Lehre, Karriere | SLK

Department of Teaching, Learning, and Student Counselling

SL_K5 contains a range of facilities offering information, counselling, training, and education to both students and teachers across all disciplines. These include the Schülerbüro [Information service for prospective students], the Student Advising and Counselling Service (ZSB), a Career Service, the Writing Centre, and Lehren & Lernen [Centre for teaching and learning]. Close cooperation between these individual facilities guarantees a complete transparency of concepts. Together with our partners across the disciplines, we are continuously adjusting this programme to fit the specific needs of faculty and students. Our staff displays a broad profile of different professional experiences and works according to the principle of "reflective practice".

Lehren & Lernen [Centre for teaching and learning]

Dozent an TafelOur centre contributes to the continuous efforts to improve teaching and learning at Bielefeld University. We collaborate with faculty and graduate students by helping with and giving feedback on the design and development of curricula and courses; by providing counselling, coaching, and reflection on individual approaches to teaching; and by stimulating communication on teaching and learning issues in and across the disciplines.


Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB)

Kommunikation zwei FrauenThe Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB) is the central counselling service at Bielefeld University. It is an independent institute, and not connected to the Faculties or examination offices. Its counselling services are open to all students and all persons interested in studying.



Career - laufende Menschen über AsphaltThe Career Service supports students in developing their professional orientation, teachers in integrating preparation for professional skills into the design of their courses, and companies in finding appropriate interns and graduates. It cultivates close links to not only the facilities and departments of Bielefeld University but also companies and other employers outside the University.


Das Schreiblabor [The Writing Centre at Bielefeld University]

The Bielefeld Writing Centre was set up in 1993, and was the first ever Writing Centre at a German university. It supports faculty in the development of writing intensive courses for a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and at all levels of university education. It offers qualified training and counselling in how to learn to write for both students and academics.