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Das Schreiblabor - The Writing Centre at Bielefeld University

The Bielefeld Writing Centre was set up in 1993, and was the first ever Writing Centre at a German university. It supports faculty in the development of writing intensive courses for a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and at all levels of university education. It offers qualified training and counselling in how to learn to write for both students and academics. One of the major goals of the Bielefeld Writing Centre is to treat writing as a medium for active learning and to contribute to integrating it into the teaching of each specific discipline. The Bielefeld Writing Centre runs two programmes:

  • The Peer Tutoring program Skript.um helps students to develop their own authority as writers and learn how to write academic texts.
  • The Schreiben in den Fächern programme [Writing in the disciplines] collaborates with academics from all disciplines in the development of discipline-specific ways of teaching through writing.

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