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Working and writing scientifically in the library

Registration is possible by phone or mail as well as in the eKVV * No. 23 00 53 *.

Language requirements for participation: level A2

Attending a course to be able to work in the library? Waste of time! Borrow a book, read it - that's it! That is possible without a course, BUT...

Many processes and offers of the library which go far beyond just borrowing a book take place in German. Knowing and being able to accomplish the logistic processes (filling in a form, making an interlibrary loan request etc.) is especially important for you as students and Ph.D.students.

Furthermore, the library of the University of Bielefeld has many additional proposals to offer which help you in your scientific work.

Because do you know

  • how to research worldwide in all library catalogues or electronical article databases?
  • how to work with the smartboard and develop and present reports and presentations?
  • that the library help you in publishing your own articles or your dissertation?

Do you use the bibliographic management program Citavi which helps you organizing your literature and makes working on papers, reports or your dissertation easier?

Have you ever used the offer of experts to share information about your systematic research of literature for the Master's degree or dissertation?

NO? That?s a pity!

In the course "Working and communicating scientifically in the library" we will explore the library step by step. A first tour will show what the library offers to you, where you find different things and describes the conditions for using the facilities. As the course continues you will get to know the further proposals of the library.

In each unit the relevant German vocabulary will be learned. Practical application will complete this course.

After having attended this course you will

  • know the various possibilities and offers of the library,
  • be able to use these effectively for you scientific work or academic studies,
  • have improved your knowledge in German for all communicative situations which are closely related to working in the library!