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You also always have to apply directly for a place at the university if you want to take a subject or degree programme with admission restrictions (Numerus Clausus, NC). Such admission restrictions may not just apply to the first study semester (term) alone. They may also be required in higher semesters as well. Applications should be sent directly to Bielefeld University.

Basically, all applications have to be made through our  Online-Application procedure.
If you have technical problems, please contact the Student Office.

>Information for Master's degree programmes

If you want to apply for Master's degree programme (even ones with no admission restrictions), you also have to make an  Online-Application.

There are  further special regulations for students with non-German admission qualifications.

Latest News

The Applicationperiod for summerterm 2013 ended on 15. January 2014. 

Letters of rejection are sent out approximately by the middle of February. Thank you very much for your understanding

You can find out about the current status of your personal application here

You can find a list of the current Numerus Clausus admission restriction grades  here.