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Rückmeldeverfahren an der Universität Bielefeld (außer Gasthörer)


Text of email from January 09, 2017  for the Re-enrolment


Dear students,

you are now invited to re-enrol for the summer semester 2017  by email. Re-enrolment is done by simply paying the semester fees. Please log into the ekVV – using your Matrikelnummer (student number) and your ekVV password and click on ‚Meine Rückmeldungsdaten’ (my re-enrolment data) in the left menu.

Please note that, because of a change in the university statistic law, additionally to paying the semester fee a verification of your data is required for the summer semester 2017. The verification can be done in the ekVV (www.uni-bielefeld.de/datenerfassung) as well. Re-enrollment for the summer semester 2017 is only possible when the data verification has been done.

In order to avoid booking errors, please make use of ‘copy and paste’ (in case of Online-Banking) for copying the bank particulars as well as the ‘Verwendungszweck’. Please make sure that these data are definitely not altered or remarks added (such as numbers, purpose, names).

Should you change the ‘Verwendungszweck’ in any way or leave it out, it would be impossible to book your money automatically. In that case, your re-enrolment for the summer semester 2017 fails. It is thus of utmost importance that you specify the ‘Verwendungszweck’ without any additional remarks (this refers to online transfers as well as to transfers by bank transfer forms). Particular attention should be paid if your semester fees are paid by someone else such as your parents.

After receipt of your semester fees, you will be sent (just as before when you first enroled or at every re-enrolment) an EDP statement with the new "Studienbescheinigung" (certificate of matriculation). If you are using the UniCard, you are able to re-validate the UniCard for the next semester.

The time to re-enrol will end on February 28, 2017. If you transfer your semester fees after that date, a late fee of 10€ becomes payable.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that students receive the UniCard as a student ID card since 2014. You can use all card-based services of the University (library card, semester ticket, cashless payment at the Studentenwerk, etc.) with the UniCard. So, you will not be receiving a semester stamp, instead you can re-validate your UniCard at the validation machines near the Infopunkt (printing the validity date) to use it as your regional semester ticket. If you do not have a UniCard yet, you can initiate the necessary steps to get your card right away; for further information visit www.uni-bielefeld.de/unicard

Since the summer semester 2015 the NRW semester ticket will not be sent out anymore but has to printed out instead by yourself here: https://www.ots-nrw.de/index.php/ A registration is not needed.

You may check the authenticity of the mail by this web-page.