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Where to find what in the University main building?

You will find addresses here and the floor plan of the main building (=UHG) here.
Terms - section and level

International Office section C/D level 0

Asta [Student Union] section C level 1/2

Auditorium Maximum [lecture hall] section J level 0

Centre for Media Services (SCM) section N level 6/7

Centre for Aesthetics section S level 3

University Library

- Inter-Library Loan Department section A level 1

- Information Centre section B level 1

- Administration section A level 2

Entrances to all faculty libraries are located on Level 1 in the sections of the building housing the faculties concerned (with the exception of the Faculties of Biology and Health Sciences; entrances in the towers END and CMD).

University of Applied Sciences/Department of Economics section V/U level 7

University of Applied Sciences/Central Library Office section K level 4


- Biology section F/V/W

- Business Administration and Economics section U/V/W

- Chemistry section E/F

- History, Philosophy and Theology section R/S/T/K

- Public Health section E/L/T/U/V level 6

- Linguistics and Literary Studies section C/D

- Department of Art and Music section T level 0

- Mathematics section V/U

- Educational ScienceQ-Building (AG 4 still in section T level 6)

- Physics section D/E

- Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science section T/E/F/S/N

- Law section T/S/U

- Sociology section U/L/T

- Technology section C/D/E/M

The faculty administration offices are always on Level 3
(with the exception of Health Sciences)

Research Centre for Mathematical Modelling (FSPM) section V/U level 4

Research Center BiBoS section D level 5

Interdisciplinary Centre of Women's and Gender Studies (IFF) section T level 7

Equal Opportunities Officer section L level 3

Lost and Found Abt. IV, Room U 0-110-105, Tel. 30 10
opening hours: Mon - Fri 10.30 - 12.00

University Computing Centre (HRZ) section V level 0

University Sports Officer section F level 0

Mensa - University canteen section A/B level 0

Institute for Didactics of Mathematics (IDM) section V level 6

Institute for the Simulation of Complex Systems (ISKOS) section D/E level 5/6

Institute of Mathematical Economics (IMW) section V/W level 10

Institute for Nursing Sciences section U/V level 6

Institute of Science and Technology Studies (IWT) section T level 6

Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG)
section S level 6

Youth and Apprentice Representation section L level 4

Cash Office, University Cash Office section B level 4 Room 133
opening hours: Mon - Fri 9.00 - 11.00

Contact Office for Academic Further Education section U level 7

Staff Council

- Further Staff, section L level 4
- Academic Staff, section C level 4

Press and Information Office section B level 3 room 124/126

Prüfungsamt für Erste Staatsprüfungen für Lehrämter an Schulen [Examination Office for the First State Examinations for the Teaching Profession] section N level 4

Rektorat section A level 3

Swimming Pool section P level 0

Sports Hall section P level 01

Collaborative Research Centres

- 584 (History) section S level 3

- 613 (Physikcs, Chemistry, Biology) section D level 4

- 673 Alignment in Communication

- 701 (Mathematics) section V level 3

Studierendensekretariat [Student Office] section C level 0

Studentenwerk [Association for Student Affairs]

- General Administration and Student Residence: Administrative Building Morgenbreede 2 - 4

- Grants office section C level 2

Transfer Office section A level 4

University Archives Room: H01-031/H01-032 (H-Building, Morgenbreede 39)

University Administration section A/B level 02/01/0

L/C/D/E 3/4

K/R/S 3/5

Academic Staff Representation section L level 4

Student Advising and Counselling (ZSB) section R level 5

Centre for Teacher Training (ZfL) section L/U level 5