Bielefeld is a town in northern Germany, located in the nice, hilly surroundings of the Teutoburg Forest. The nearest international airports are Hannover (110 km), Düsseldorf (190 km) and Frankfurt (320 km). In Düsseldorf and Frankfurt there are train stations in the airport. Bielefeld can be reached from these and any other major town by trains running on an hourly schedule (Eurocity train system: marked EC, IC, or ICE on the train schedule)

If you are arriving by plane, we would recommend the following airports (the ordering reflects our preferences):

Düsseldorf (approx. 190 km from Bielefeld)

From Düsseldorf airport there is an overground train (S-Bahn) which will take you to the main-line train station (departures every 20 mins, travel time approx. 15 mins). The intercity leaves every hour. Travel time is approx. 1 1/2 hours. On some connections it is necessary to change trains at Dortmund, with the connecting trains stopping at the same platform.

Frankfurt (approx. 320 km from Bielefeld)

There are intercity trains from Frankfurt to Bielefeld (departure at least every hour with a change in Cologne or Hannover - journey time approx. 4 hours).

There is also the possibility of changing planes at Frankfurt and flying from there to Düsseldorf or Hannover. This is generally more expensive and does not necessarily save time.

Hannover (approx. 110 km from Bielefeld)

You can take a transfer bus from Hannover airport to the main-line train station (departures on every half hour, travel time approx. 20 mins) - or you can take a taxi.

Intercity trains from Hannover to Bielefeld leave every hour. The journey takes approx. 45 minutes (it is not necessary to change the train).

Amsterdam/The Netherlands (approx. 320km from Bielefeld)

It might be cheaper and sometimes more convenient to fly to Amsterdam.

There are two main lines: via Dortmund/Duisburg or via Osnabrück. The trip takes approx. 4 hours.

Taking the first line you have to change the train once, via Osnabrück you have to change two times (there are no intercity connections between Bielefeld and Osnabrück).

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