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The Approaches

You can find out more about the approaches by clicking on the circles in the following picture:

A Mathematical Model of TCR Signalling Towards Understanding Cryptic Peptides and Determinant Spreading in Autoimmunity Innate Immunity, Quality of Interactions among APCs and T Cells, and Regulatory Cells Crucial for Immune Response against Antigens T-Cell Vaccination in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis: A Mathematical Model Selection Mechanisms in Germinal Centers Driver Clones, Repertoire Shifts, and Competition at the Level of T Cell Receptor Recognition Regulatory T Cells Transplantation Response and Its Regulation Coevolution of Lymphocytes and Mutating Antigen in Shape Spaces Dynamics of Acute Immune Responses Is there a way to predict the number and location of dominant determinants within a native antigen? ABISS - Agent Based Immune System Simulator for in machina studies on human immunosenescene Mathematical Models of Human CD4+ T Cell Population Kinetics Cellular-Humoral Response Therapeutic Modelling and cis-Regulatory Genetics Cellular-Humoral Piloting Stochastic Approach in the modelling of IS The Approaches


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