The Consensus

At the end of the week - by a minor miracle - consensus was reached! The consensus was based on the following statements:

  1. To capture IMM-ZiF, there is neither a single weapon nor a single target in the monster's body that is the best (forget about the only one!) to assure the final success.
  2. Each hunter is encouraged to develop and improve his or her weapons, his or her traps and his or her models - with the constant help and verification by the biological workers (those who most often see and sometimes touch the monster).
  3. The hunt starts now. The only hope to succeed lays in the interdisciplinarity of the approaches and the cooperativity between hunters of different extraction and different ability.
  4. It will be a long, long hunt. The older hunters among those who gathered in Bielefeld are well aware that they will not see the day of the final capture of IMM-ZiF. But they remember what Bernard Shaw said, it is not indispensable to get the fox, what is important is to participate in the run. Thus Av, Franco and Eli feel reasonably happy, as they walk away in the snow and return home...

... as they walk away in the snow and return home...


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