Registered Publications

No. Author(s) Title Link
2000/001 R. Vilela Mendes Structure-generating mechanisms in agent-based models view
2000/002 T. Araújo, R. Vilela Mendes Function and form in networks of interacting agents view
2000/003 G. Erochenkova, R. Lima Anomalous diffusion in irregular packed beds view
2000/004 F. Dusonchet, M.-O. Hongler Continuous time Restless Bandit and dynamic scheduling for make-to-stock production view
2000/005 F. Dusonchet, M.-O. Hongler Optimal stopping and Gittins' indices for piecewise deterministic evolution processes view
2000/006 M.A. Man'ko Noncommutative tomography of analytic signal and entanglement in the probability representation of quantum mechanics view
2000/007 M.A. Man'ko Quantumlike models in beam physics and signal analysis view
2000/008 Ph. Blanchard, D. Gandolfo, J. Ruiz Morphology of Clusters, Euler Characteristic and Percolation in the Random Cluster Model view
2000/009 Ph. Blanchard, D. Gandolfo Percolation: Concepts, Tools and Applications to Real World Phenomena view
2000/010 K.E. Kürten Transitions from non-collinear to collinear structures in a magnetic multilayer model view
2000/011 R. Lima, D. Volchenkov Turbulence Driven by a Deterministic Chaotic Dynamics view
2000/012 D. Volchenkov Field-theoretic approach to a stochastic magnetohydrodynamics the dimensions of composite operators view
2000/013 R. Lima, D. Volchenkov Asymptotic Liapunov Exponents Spectrum for an Extended Chaotic Coupled Map Lattice view
2000/014 R. Lima, D. Volchenkov Instanton solutions in the problem of wrinkled flame fronts dynamics view
2000/015 M.M. Fischer From Conventional to Neural Spatial Interaction Modelling view
2000/016 H. Krupp The Functions and Effects of Technology Policy in World Society view
2000/017 T. Dudok de Wit, E. Floriani, P. Le Gal Nonlinear interactions in a rotating disk flow: from a Volterra model to the Ginzburg-Landau equation view
2000/018 R. Lima, D. Volchenkov Renormalization Group Approach to the Problem of Flow Through Irregular Packed Beds view
2000/019 F. Castiglione Diffusion and Aggregation in an Agent Based Model of Stock Market Fluctuations view
2000/020 F. Castiglione Forecasting price increments using an artificial Neural Network view
2000/021 M. Bernaschi, F. Castiglione, S. Succi Large-scale cellular automata simulations of the immune system response view
2000/022 R. Lima, D. Volchenkov A Phase Transition in the Water Coupled to a Local External Perturbation view
2000/023 R. Lima, D. Volchenkov Critical Behavior of the Water Coupled to a Local External Perturbation view
2000/024 E. Buchinger, J. Fröhlich, M. Knoflacher, S. Pohn-Weidinger Evolution of human societies and a sustainable world view
2001/025 B. Fernandez, M. Jiang Dynamics of two diffusively coupled maps with zero topological entropy view
2001/026 D. Volchenkov The bending instability in the vorticity transport through a turbulent flow view
2001/027 Ph. Blanchard, L.D. Pustyl'nikov Critical phenomena and strange attractors for some infinite-dimensional physical systems view
2001/028 J.-R. Chazottes, E. Ugalde When Markov measures are mapped to Gibbs measures view
2001/029 V.S. Afraimovich, A. Cordonet, J.-R. Chazottes, C.T. Lewis, N.F. Rulkov Multi-valued mappings in generalized chaos synchronization view
2001/030 V. Afraimovich, J.-R. Chazottes, A. Cordonet Chaos Synchronization in Directionally Coupled Systems: Some Rigorous Results view
2001/031 J.A. Dente, J.F. Martins, A.J. Pires, R. Vilela Mendes Language identification of controlled systems: Modelling, control and anomaly detection view
2001/032 M.A. Man'ko, V.I. Man'ko, R. Vilela Mendes Tomograms and other transforms: A unified view view
2001/033 J.F. Martins, R. Vilela Mendes Neural networks and logical reasoning systems. A translation table view
2001/034 J.-R. Chazottes Fluctuations and Self-Similarity in Discrete Dynamical Models for Local Turbulence view
2001/035 V. Afraimovivh, J.-R. Chazottes, A. Cordonet Nonsmooth generalized synchronization of chaos view
2001/036 A. Cordonet, R. Lima, E. Ramos Two models for the dynamics of boiling in a short capillary tube view
2001/037 J. Barré, D. Mukamel, S. Ruffo Inequivalence of ensembles in a system with long range interactions view
2001/038 F. Ginelli, R. Livi, A. Politi Emergence of chaotic behaviour in linearly stable systems view
2001/039 C.H. Anderson, M.J. Barber, J.W. Clark Neural Propagation of Beliefs view
2001/040 M.B. Gordon, S. Risau-Gusman Generalization properties of finite size polynomial Support Vector Machines view
2001/041 M.B. Gordon, S. Risau-Gusman Statistical Mechanics of Soft Margin Classifiers view
2001/042 T. Araújo, R. Lima, R. Vilela Mendes A process-reconstruction analysis of market fluctuations view
2001/043 L. Vázquez Fractional diffusion equations with internal degrees of freedom view
2001/044 M.A. Man'ko, V.I. Man'ko, R. Vilela Mendes Quantum computation by quantum-like systems view
2001/045 Ph. Blanchard, L.D. Pustyl'nikov Bifurcation and critical phenomena for some infinite-dimensional physical systems II view
2001/046 Ph. Blanchard, S. Sequeira, D. Volchenkov Implicit Construction of the Probability Invariant Measure for Randomly Coupled Map Networks view
2001/047 Ph. Blanchard, B. Cessac, T. Kürger Lyapunov exponents and transport in Self-Organized Criticality view
2001/048 F. Castiglione, K.E. Kürten A dynamical model of B-T cell regulation view
2001/049 S. Sharoff, D. Volchenkov On the application of the dynamical systems theory to social modeling view
2001/050 Ph. Blanchard, D. Volchenkov Thermodynamics of Coupled Piece-Wise Linear Chaotic Maps Defined on Random Regular Graphs view
2001/051 Ph. Blanchard, M.G. Cosenza, S. Sequeira, D. Volchenkov Transitions to Intermittency and Collective Behavior in Randomly Coupled Map Networks view
2001/052 N. Baigent, D. Eckert Abstract Aggregations and Proximity Preservation: An impossibility result view
2001/053 D. Eckert, B. Lane Anonymity, Ordinal Preference Proximity and Imposed Social Choices view
2001/054 L.D. Pustyl'nikov The proof of quantum chaos conjecture, the distribution of distances between adjacent fractional parts of polynomial values, and generalized continuous fractions view
2001/055 H. Hanappi, E. Hanappi-Egger Visual Dynamics - A framework for making complex models comparable view
2001/056 H. Hanappi, O. Kump Collect now - Consume later - On Innovative Products in Electronic Commerce view
2001/057 P.J. Costa Branco, J.A. Dente, R. Vilela Mendes Using immunology principles for anomaly detection in electrical systems view
2001/058 L.D. Pustyl'nikov Critical phenomena and analytic properties of an ellipse connected with singularities of its wave front view
2001/059 P. Collet, S. Martinez, B. Schmitt Exponential inequalities for dynamical measures of expanding maps of the interval view
2001/060 C. Aguirre, F. Corbacho, R. Huerta A realistic substrate for small-world networks modeling view
2001/061 G. Turchetti, D. Usero, L. Vázquez Hamiltonian systems with fractional time derivative view
2001/062 M.J. Barber Neural Belief Propagation Without Multiplication view
2001/063 M.J. Barber, B.K. Dellen Noise-Induced Signal Enhancement in Heterogeneous Neural Networks view
2001/064 C.H. Anderson, M.J. Barber, J.W. Clark Neural Representation of Probabilistic Information view
2001/065 C.H. Anderson, M.J. Barber, J.W. Clark Neural Propagation of Beliefs view
2001/066 L. Vázquez, J.L. Vázquez-Poletti A mechanical solver for linear programming view
2001/067 S. Frota, M. Vigário Aspectos de Prosódia Comparada: Ritmo e Entoação no PE e no PB view
2001/068 S. Frota, M. Vigário On the correlates of rhythmic distinctions: the European/Brazilian Portuguese case view
2001/069 G. Erochenkova Solution of a model for two-dimensional intradiffusion view
2001/070 G. Erochenkova, R. Lima A fractional diffusion equation for a marker in porous media view
2001/071 Sebastián Risau-Gusman Étude de propriétés d'apprentissage des Machines à Exemples Support (SVM) par des méthodes de Physique Statistique view
2001/072 Sebastián Risau-Gusman Typical properties of Soft Margin Classifiers view
2001/073 L.D. Pustyl'nikov The proof of quantum chaos conjecture, the distribution of distances between adjacent fractional parts of the values of polynomials, and generalized continued fractions view
2001/074 J.W. Clark, K.E. Kürten Higher-Order Neural Networks, Polyà Polynomials, and Fermi Cluster Diagrams view
2001/075 A. Degenhard, D.J. Hawkes, C. Hayes, M.O. Leach, C. Tanner Modeling Contrast Agent Uptake for 3D MR Imaging view
2001/076 A. Rezgui, L. Streit The Renormalization of Self Interaction Local Times of Brownian Motion view
2001/077 B. Cessac, J.L. Meunier Anomalous scaling and Lee-Yang zeroes in Self-Organized Criticality view
2001/078 J.-P. Nadal, N. Parga Blind Source Separation with Time Dependent Mixtures view
2001/079 G. Cuniberti, M. Porto, H.E. Roman Asset-asset interactions and clustering in financial markets view
2001/080 R. de Boer, D. Bouwhuis, M. van Dooren, B. van Gemen, J. Goudsmit, L. van der Hoek, A. de Ronde, E. de Rooij Establishment of New Transmissible and Drug-Sensitive Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Wild Types due to Transmission of Nucleoside Analogue-Resistant Virus view
2001/081 S. Bandini, S. Manzoni, G. Pavesi, C. Simone Location of Extra-Urban Shopping Centres: The Reaction-Diffusion Machine Approach view
2001/082 E. Floriani, R. Lima, D. Volchenkov A Toy Model for a System at a Threshold of Stability view
2001/083 Ph. Blanchard, B. Cessac, D. Volchenkov Does Renormalization Group help very much in Self-Organized Criticality? view
2001/084 R. Brummelhuis, D. Guégan Multi-period Conditional Distribution Functions for Heteroscedastic Models with Applications to VaR view
2001/085 V.S. Afraimovich, A.L. Gelover-Santiago, R. Lima Cluster periodic solutions in globally coupled maps view
2001/086 T. Benzekri, R. Lima, M. Vittot Non Permanent Form Solutions in the Hamiltonian Formulation of Surface Water Waves view
2001/087 H. Bohr, J.W. Clark, R. Haschke, P.C. McGuire, C.L. Pershing, J. Rafelski Threshold Disorder as a Source of Diverse and Complex Behavior in Random Nets view
2001/088 P.C. McGuire A Complex Systems Perspective to the Microsoft Antitrust Case and the Los Alamos Fire view
2001/089 H. Bohr, P.C. McGuire, C.L. Pershing, J. Rafelski Using small parameter changes to access many different & interesting limit cycles in random networks view
2001/090 S.N. Goderya, P.C. McGuire Using Neural Networks to Classify Digitized Images of Galaxies view
2001/091 P.C. McGuire, T.A. Rhoadarmer Turbulence Prediction for Adaptive Optics view
2001/092 P.C. McGuire, P. Steinhardt Cracking Open a Window for SIMPs as Dark Matter view
2001/093 R. Carvalho The Dynamics of the Linear Random Farmer Model view
2001/094 M.M. Fischer, J. Fröhlich Knowledge, Complexity and Innovation Systems view
2001/095 E. Buchinger Systems of Innovation: Re-conceptualized by the Theory of Social Systems view
2001/096 E. Buchinger Recent Developments in Austrian Science and Technology Policy view
2001/097 M.M. Fischer, J. Fröhlich Knowledge, Complexity and Innovation Systems: Prologue view
2001/098 S. Pohn-Weidinger The Austrian System of Technology Policy: organizational setting view
2001/099 J. Fröhlich Best practice-Beispiel I: Austriann Research Centers Seibersdorf view
2001/100 T. Roediger-Schluga Intervention in Complex Systems - The Case of Austrian VOC Emission Standards view
2001/101 K.M. Weber Innovation policy for large socio-technical systems in transition: A conceptual framework and empirical evidence from the energy sector view
2001/102 K.M. Weber Transforming large socio-technical systems towards sustainability view
2001/103 M. Knoflacher, A. Resetaris Komplexität von Umweltsystemen view
2001/104 K.E. Kürten, F.V. Kusmartsev Fractal Domain Glass in Magnetic Multilayers view
2001/105 A. Dress, T.V. Lokot', L.D. Pustyl'nikov Poisson Law in Subset Surprisology view
2001/106 J.W. Clark, D.G. Lucarelli, T.-J. Tarn Control of Quantum Systems view
2001/107 L.D. Pustyl'nikov Infinite-dimensional generalized continued fractions, distribution of quadratic residues and non-residues, and ergodic theory view
2001/108 L.D. Pustyl'nikov Central Limit Theorem for a Probability Approximation of the Standard Map view