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Perception and the Physical World

Psychological and Philosophical Issues in Perception

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Herausgegeben von Dieter Heyer und Rainer Mausfeld

Chichester: John Wiley & Sons 2002, 327 Seiten, ISBN 0-471-49149-7

Hervorgegangen aus der Arbeit der ZiF:Forschungsgruppe "Perception and the Role of Evolutionary Internalized Regularities of the Physical World".


  • M. Atherton: The Origins of the Sensation/Perception Distinction
  • H. Barlow: Cognition as Code-Breaking
  • D. Todorovic: Comparative Overview of Perception of Dystal and Proximal Visual Attributes
  • R. Mausfeld: The Physicalistic Trap in Perception Theory
  • G. Hatfield: Perception as Unconscious Inference
  • L.T. Maloney: Statistical Decision Theory and Biological Vision

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