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The Making of the Consumer

Knowledge, Power and Identity in the Modern World


Herausgegeben von Frank Trentmann

Oxford: Berg 2006, 318 Seiten, ISBN 1-84520-249-X

Hervorgegangen aus der ZiF: AG Den Konsumenten im Blick vom 27. - 28. Februar 2004.


  • F. Trentmann: Knowing Consumers - Histories, Identities, Practices: An Introduction
  • D. Winch: The Problematic Status of the Consumer in Orthodox Economic Thought
  • F. Trentmann & V. Taylor: From Users to Consumers: Water Politics in Nineteenth-Century London
  • M.E. Chessel: Women and the Ethics of Consumption in France at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: The Ligue Sociale d'Acheteurs
  • M. Everson: Legal Constructions of the Consumer

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