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Discrete Applied Mathematics

General Theory of Information Transfer and Combinatorics


Herausgegeben von R. Ahlswede, N. Cai und L. Baeumer

Alphen a/d Rijn: Elsevier B.V. 2008, 223 Seiten, ISBN 0166-218X

Hervorgegangen aus der ZiF-Forschungsgruppe General Theory of Information Transfer and Combinatorics


  • Kapitel 1
  • R. Ahlswede: General theory of information transfer: Updated
  • A. Apostolico, R. Giancarlo: Periodicity and repetitions in parameterized strings
  • V. Levenshtein, E. Konstantinova, E. Konstantinov and S. Molodtsov: Reconstruction of a graph from 2-vicinities of its vertices
  • Kapitel 2
  • S. Györi: Coding for a multiple access OR channel: A survey

  • R. Ahlswede: Ratewise-optimal non-sequential search strategies under constraints on the tests
  • R. Ahlswede, F. Cicalese, C. Deppe: Searching with lies under error cost constraints
  • R. Ahlswede, B. Balkenhol, C. Deppe, H. Mashurian, T. Partner: T-shift synchronization codes
  • R. Ahlswede, V. Blinovsky: Multiple packing in sum-type metric spaces
  • R. Ahlswede, J. Cassaigne, A. Sarközy: On the correlation of binary sequences
  • Kapitel 3
  • F. I. Solov'eva: On perfect binary codes
  • R. Dodunekova, S.M. Dodunekov, E. Nilolova: A survey on proper codes
  • C. Bey: The edge-diametric theorem in Hamming spaces
  • M. Dutour Sikiric, M. Deza, M. Shtogrin: Filling of a given boundary by p-gons and related problems
  • Z. Füredi, M. Ruszinko: Large convex cones in hypercubes
  • A. Kostochka, G. Yu: Minimum degree conditions for H-linked graphs
  • G.M. Kyureghyan: Minimal polynomials of the modified de Bruijn sequences
  • M.K. Kyuregyan: Recursive constructions of N-polynomials over GF(2S)
  • U. Tamm: Size of downsets in the pushing order and a problem of Berlekamp

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