Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung

The Challenge of the Social and the Pressure of Practice

Science and Values Revisited


Herausgegeben von M. Carrier, D. Howard und J. Kourany

Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press 2008, 262 Seiten, ISBN 978-0-8229-4317-4

Hervorgegangen aus der ZiF: AG vom 9. - 12. Juli 2003.


  • M. Carrier Introduction: Science and the Social
  • Part I. The Play of Values within the Core Areas of Scientific Research
  • J. D. Norton: Must Evidence Underdetermine Theory?
  • M. Morrison: Values and Their Intersection: Reduction as Methodology and Ideology
  • H. E. Longino: Values, Heuristics, and the Politics of Knowledge
  • J. A. Kourany: Replacing the Ideal of Value-Free Science

  • J. F. Rosenberg: Scientific Values and the Values of Science
  • Part II. The Demands of Society on Science: Socially Robust Knowledge and Expertise
  • P. Weingart: How Robust Is "Socially Robust Knowledge"?
  • R. Strand: In Defense of Some Sweeping Claims about Socially Robust Knowledge
  • C. Hamlin: Third Wave Science Studies: Toward a History and Philosophy of Expertise
  • Part III. The Exigencies of Research Funding: Epistemic Values and Economic Benefit
  • J. R. Brown: The Community of Science
  • M. Carrier: Science in the Grip of the Economy: On the Epistemic Impact of the Commercialization of Research
  • M. Adam: Promoting Disinterestedness or Making Use of Bias? Interests and Moral Obligation in Commercialized Research

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