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Emotions as Bio-Cultural Processes


Herausgegeben von Birgitt Röttger-Rössler und Hans J. Markowitsch

New York: Springer Verlag 2009, 413 Seiten, ISBN 978-0-387-74134-5

Hervorgegangen aus der Forschungsgruppe 2004/2005: Emotionen als bio-kulturelle Prozesse

  • B. Röttger-Rössler, H. J. Markowitsch: Introduction
  • A. Stephan: Homo Sapiens - The Emotional Animal
Part I: Concepts and Approaches
  • E.-M. Engelen, H. J. Markowitsch, C. von Scheve, B. Röttger-Rössler, A. Stephan, M. Holodynski, M. Vandekerckhove: Emotions as Bio-Cultural Process: Disciplinary Debates and an Interdisciplinary Outlook
  • M. J. Casimir: On the Origin and Evolution of Affective Capacities in Lower Vertebrates
  • H. J. Markowitsch: Emotions: The Shared Heritage of Animals and Humans
  • I. Daum, H. J. Markowitsch, M. Vandekerckhove: Neurobiological Basis of Emotions
  • M. Holodynski: Milestones and Mechanisms of Emotional Development
  • B. Röttger-Rössler: Gravestones for Butterflies: Social Feeling Rules and Individual Experiences of Loss
  • S. Neckel: Emotion by Design: Self-Management of Feelings as a Cultural Program
  • M. L. Lyon: Emotion, Embodiment, and Agency: The Place of a Social Emotions Perspective in the Cross-Disciplinary Understanding of Emotional Processes
  • A. Stephan: On the Nature of Artificial Feelings
Part II: Empirical Studies - Shame and Pride: Prototypical Emotions Between Biology and Culture
  • M. J. Casimir, S. Jung: "Honor and Dishonor": Connotations of a Socio-symbolic Category in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • M. J. Casimir: "Honor and Dishonor" and the Quest for Emotional Equivalents
  • B. Röttger-Rössler: End of Honor? Emotion, Gender, and Social Change in an Indonesian Society
  • T. Stodulka: "Beggars" and "Kings": Emotional Regulation of Shame Among Street Youths in a Javanese City in Indonesia
  • S. Ismer: The Search for Style and the Urge for Fame: Emotion Regulation and Hip-Hop Culture
  • M. Holodynski, S. Kronast: Shame and Pride: Invisible Emotions in Classroom Research
  • E.-M. Engelen: Anger, Shame and Justice: Regulative and Evaluative Function of Emotions in the Ancient and Modern Worlds

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