Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung

Discourse Processes


Herausgegeben von M.F. Schober

Philadelphia: Tylor & Francis Group 2009, 268 Seiten, ISSN 0163-853X

Hervorgegangen aus der ZiF:AG vom 26. - 28. Juni 2008.


  • J. Streek, J. Scott Jordan: Projection and Anticipation: The Forward-Looking Nature of Embodied Communication
  • M. Kinsbourne, J. Scott Jordan: Embodied Anticipation: A Neurodevelopmental Interpretation
  • J. Scott Jordan: Forward-Looking Aspects of Perception-Action Coupling as a Basis for Embodied Communication
  • M. Kidwell: Gaze Shift as an Interactional Recource for Very Young Children
  • J. Streek: Forward-Gesturing

  • P. Auer: Projection and Minimalistic Syntax in Interaction
  • R.Wilkinson: Projecting a Reference in Aphasic Talk an Normal Talk
  • S. Iwasaki: Initiating Interactive Turn Spaces in Japanese Conversation: Local Projection and Collaborative Action
  • U. Dausendschön-Gay, U. Krafft: Preparing Next Actions in Routine Activities

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