Center for Interdisziplinary Research

ZiF-Konferenz 2012

Hat Demokratie eine Zukunft?

Date: February 1, 2012

Convenors: Philippe Blanchard (Bielefeld), Ulrike Davy (Bielefeld), Véronique Zanetti (Bielefeld)

Will democracy be able to deal with the challenges of globalization? The citizens’ confidence in democratic institutions and their representatives is fading but the idea of Democracy is still attractive. More than 160 participants joined the second ZiF-Konferenz on the “Future of Democracy”. They discussed issues such as the historical sources of the modern democracy, the advantages of procedures of direct democracy besides the parliamentary system, the possibilities the new digital media offer for participation and the risk of sacrificing democratic deliberation to an efficient organisation of global markets and of losing the citizens’ interest and cooperation in the process of globalisation. Democracy can only work when everyone feels responsible and this will only happen when there are convincing possibilities for political participation: that was one of the results of the ZiF-Konferenz 2012.

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