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Bielefeld Graduate School
in History and Sociology
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Logo der Einrichtung


The BGHS Office is open for all your internal and organizational questions related to the Graduate School. The employees of the office and their fields of competence are listed beneath. Don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help you.

Dr. Sabine Schäfer
Executive Manager;
Conflict mediation; Gender & Diversity
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6520
Room X-B2-247; office hours by arrangement
Dr. Miriam Kanne
Recruitment; Academic Affairs
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6526
Room X-B2-243;
Melanie Eulitz
Transferable Skills & Career Service
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6523
Room X-B2-246
Thomas Abel
Public Relations; Guest Lecturer- & Guest Researcher-Programme; Managing Editor InterDisciplines (Contact InterDisciplines)
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6527
Room X-B2-248;
Eleonora Wagner
Head of Administration
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6525
Room X-B2-249; office hours Mo. to Fr.
Rita Gaye
Administrative support
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6521
Room X-B2-245 ; office hours Tue. to Fr.
Frank Leitenberger
IT Coordination
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6528
Room X-B2-250
Jennifer Hahn
Student Assistant
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6529
Room X-B2-244
Niya Vlahova
Student Assistant
Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6529
Room X-B2-244
Dr. Andrea Adams
Parental leave

Dr. Karen Holtmann
Parental leave

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