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in History and Sociology
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Éva Rozália Hölzle

Dynamics of Land Politics and the Hermeneutics of Democracy in Bangladesh

My doctoral thesis focuses on the interconnectedness of three main issues: land politics, democratization and the local state in Bangladesh. During so far 13 months of fieldwork in the country's rural periphery, I was particularly interested in how the concepts of democracy and democratization were picked up, interpreted, appropriated, used strategically, modified or discussed critically, in relation to land. The preliminary findings of the research already show that land politics are deep-rooted and multifaceted. However the concepts of democracy and democratization rarely emerged singularly and independently, instead they were frequently blended into other discourses, such as those on human rights, land rights, environmentalism, development and security. Alongside the utilization of these popular transnational discourses and their vocabulary another metanarrative emerged in form of the language of emotions, which turned out to be an important resource in land politics, by "awakening public sentiments" and generating "affective loyalties" (Jasper 2011). I am currently deepening this enquiry into emotional politics.

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