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in History and Sociology
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Franklin Chinedu Odoemenam

Poverty Alleviation and Local Survival Mechanisms in Nigeria: The case of Microfinance and Microenterprises.

The focus of the doctoral research is on the issue of poverty, its alleviation and the local survival measures in Nigeria. How do the poor Nigerians cope amidst the rising hardship and tough living conditions in the Country? What do they do to make both ends meet and to survive during unexpected shocks? It seeks to bring to limelight how microcredit, self help based financing and micro-enterprises contribute to alleviating poverty in the country. This research examines whether, and to what degree, do microfinance interventions, when used as tools for poverty alleviation, lead to the improvement of the living standard of the poor and thereby result to their empowerment. The transactions of the microfinance institutions, self help groups and micro-enterprises such as petty trading constitute the focal point of the research. This research aims at identifying how the loans obtained from microcredit are invested into micro-enterprises and how the living standards of the poor are eventually transformed through the profits they make from the micro-enterprises.

Research Interests

Development, Non Profits/NGOs, Social Economy and Microfinance, Micro and Small enterprises, Informal Economy, Poverty, Gender and Exclusion, Livelihood, Co-operatives, self help groups, Community based and Civil society organisations.

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